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Climate Change is Saying Hello

10 Apr 2012

Written by Kimberly Larson, Communications Director of Climate Solutions, her article brings to light what many have shied away from…the real implication of climate change… Being from Vermont, the only time I experienced hurricanes was when I was on Cape Cod visiting my grandparents in the summer. We went through several storms, including Hurricane Bob [...]

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Climate Change and the Ski Industry – An Australian Perspective

3 Apr 2012

The following article was originally published in March of 2012 as the first edition to the Global Snapshot series, a bi-weekly offering of essays written by Protect Our Winters (POW) supporters, which give their local perspective of climate change. CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE SKI INDUSTRY – AN AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVE Mt Loch Protect Our Winters is [...]

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Join Protect Our Winters and North Face in Showing How Much Snow Means to Our Community

27 Mar 2012

What is your favorite thing in the world? Snow perhaps? Does it mean enough to you to make a pledge to treat the earth in a kinder way? If so, then Protect Our Winters and North Face have made it easy for you! They have created a plan that is easy to adopt that will [...]

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How the Snow-Sports Community is Pushing the Limits of Filmmaking and Climate Education

11 Oct 2011

Written by Stephen Lacey I love it when my passions collide. As both a life-long skier and a writer concerned about the impact of climate change, it’s nice to see that the action-sports community is trying to educate folks about climate and energy issues – particularly when the audience they’re influencing is a much younger [...]

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Alison Gannett, Pro Skier and Mother Nature Advocate, Explains Climate Disruption and the World's Largest Natural Toilet Bowl

14 Dec 2010

Alison Gannett, Pro Skier, Global Cooling Consultant, and Founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation Our heavily loaded porters trudge slowly, as if in a mirage, up Pakistan’s Biafo Hispar Glacier — the longest glacial traverse in the world outside the polar regions. Despite the high altitude, record-breaking heat, and migraine-inducing sun, a general lack [...]

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Douglas Chandler Stoup of Ice Axe Foundation Talks Climate Change

13 Sep 2010

written by Douglas Chandler Stoup of the Ice Axe Foundation It has been an amazing year thus far, yet we all have been feeling the effects of climate change. This year I have been fortunate to travel the globe from POLE to POLE and have witnessed some amazing and alarming environmental changes. Last November I [...]

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