What do you do during the crappiest ski season in 30 years? Keep shreddin’ and make the most of it.

7 Feb 2012

The Rider's Voice

For those of us who are spoiled rotten, and are used to skiing and riding ridiculously soft powder snow all year long, year after year, this season is tough. It is an annomaly! An aberation, a blip on the radar, and hopefully not a sign of global warming Armagedon!

All members of the Mountain Tribe hope that it is just a freak winter, or that it will turn around with a 200″ inch March, because, you just never know what kind of curve ball Mother Nature will throw you. Should we burn skis as a sacrifice to Ullr or chalk this year up to the whims of the jet stream? It’s hard to give up on anything, let alone the season you live for, but it is turning into a good “winter” to take up classic X-Country Skiing through the forest, or perish the boring thought, ice fishing!

Luckily, I would never stoop to that level of activity, I would rather start jogging instead. But for those die hard skiers and snowboarders, of which I am one, there is always something to work on or practice, even on the lamest day of the year. Remember, you could still be riding the Poconos, and this season would be the sickest conditions ever!

So maintain perspective every season, and remind your self how lucky you are to be living in a mountain paradise that most people would kill to live in, even if it took two to four jobs and some creative hustling. Stay positive, dream of last season, and work on some fundamentals. After all, the Apres skiing is still great. Praise Ullr.

Adam Fernley is a “Pro” Ski-Bum and powder riding artist who lives near the base of an old, north-facing ghost-ski area south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His dream is to help bring the hill back to life, while incorporating the MRA vision of solar, hydro, and wind powered ski lifts, and a lodge built of local standing-dead, beetle-kill timbers.



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